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Frühling is da mit Sonderrabatte bis 70%

Wir arbeiten daran, eine 100 % umweltfreundliche Produktion zu erreichen. (1).png

Want to wear your values next to your heart?


At 0&1, we are searching for simplicity in life. We translate this into our designs, delivered to you in a unique package.


When you purchase from 0&1, it’s a win-win. Through the production and sales of our environmentally-friendly jewellery, we provide jobs for homeless people. At the moment two formerly homeless people work with us and have a positive experience.

Our small but cheery team is proudly multicultural with people representing Jewish, Catalan, German, Indian, Syrian, South American, Russian, Nigerian and Ukrainian cultures.


So you give back to society every time you order.

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Environmentally Friendly