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Our story

0&1 has been connecting with the people who visit our shops for over ten years - when you walk into our shop, you’re not a customer, you’re a friend.


We operate from our two cosy Berlin shops, at cultural festivals in Europe and to people like you through our website.

In 2001, Oriol Simon Carre was homeless and living on the streets in Granada. He began selling jewellery to tourists and became inspired to build his own project producing unique jewellery and helping homeless people.


After ending up in Berlin, Oriol began selling his jewellery at local markets. One day, a woman who was living in Kottbusser Tor asked Oriol for money. Oriol offered her a job working on the markets and she turned out to be a natural seller - she is now the manager of our Kreuzberg shop.


At the moment two former homeless people work with us and have a positive experience. Our mission is to create more workplaces for homeless people in our project and support them in achieving their dreams. When you buy a piece of 0&1 jewellery, you make our work supporting homeless people possible.

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