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Projects from unheard people with visions

This site is a place where people without a home, who have no platform or are not heard, can share their ideas, projects and visions.



Lion Televisions by Michael Chmelik


"Michael the beggar", as he calls himself, has had an idea for over 20 years that he now wants to put into practice: He wants to produce and sell televisions in his own unique and exclusive design.


Michael has been living in a shelter for a long time, we have known him for 2 years.

The money that Michael made begging, he invested in hardware and software, in addition to what has been necessary to survive, to complete the development and design of his TV and to be able to undergo realistic tests. Its design is already protected, the business plan and the financial plan are done.


More information, a summary of Michael's story, pictures and access to his business and financial plan can be found on:


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3D Shapes
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