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  • Material description

    The ear stud is made of stainless steel, cut with laser technology and coated using the PVD process.
    We guarantee:
    - The color does not decrease or change.
    - The product and its components are allergy-free.
    - The product has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high scratch resistance.
    - There is no pollution in the manufacture of any of our products.
    -We offer a 10 year guarantee.

  • Refund Policy

    We give an absolute and complete guarantee of ten years from the date of purchase.
    If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and the full amount will be refunded.

  • About PVD

    PVD process (Physical Vapor Deposition)
    -What is PVD? It is a form of metallic coating in extremely thin layers that is  especially long lasting. It increases the durability of the surface coated in PVD and thus makes the product more wear-resistant.
    -Technical description: a pure metal is evaporated, the reaction obtains the desired compound and deposits it upon the surface of the metal.

  • Product Dimensions

    Diameter = 8mm