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HKDM Rectangular ear studs - unique

HKDM Rectangular ear studs - unique

  • Ear studs made of gold-plated brass, pin made of 925 silver, gold-plated
  • Stud earrings hand-painted with acrylic paints by the artist Stefan Goertz
  • Protective layer made of transparent cold glaze
  • L / W / H 1.9 / 0.6 / 1.3cm
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  • About HKDM

    Gorka Maeztu came to Berlin in 2011 to start his own jewelry label. The native Basque has a feel for trends, shapes and materials like no other. He is the creator of the avant-garde lines of the "HAUTE KUKI & DIE MARKISE" jewelry designs and shapes the construction of the exceptionally beautiful product lines. As an international advertising model, he has developed his sense of fashion and a sense of time over the course of his career. His label "DIE MARKISE" celebrated regional successes in the Berlin young designer scene shortly after it was founded.

    The painter Stefan Goertz came to Berlin from Cologne in 2011, as this was the right platform for his colorful art. After a few exhibitions he decided to offer his pictures also on the Berlin art and creative markets to a wide audience at affordable prices. Art to go for everyone. In autumn 2011 he founded his successful label "Haute Kuki" and expanded his range to include unusual, handcrafted gifts. When he got to know "Die Markise" he and the owner Gorka Maeztu decided to work together to develop pieces of jewelery with framed "mini-screens". He is the creator of the innumerable abstract acrylic paintings, which are embedded in the "Haute Kuki & Die Markise" pieces of jewelry using a cold enamel technique. He has developed his own color mixes and constantly enriches the range with new works of art that carry the typically optimistic "HAUTE KUKI & DIE MARKISE" color mood.

    All pieces of jewelry are "Made in Germany" and are refined in Berlin

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